Remitap is a safe, reliable and premium 360 degree e-remittance and e-payment platform. Our cutting edge technology is designed to ensure transactions with multi layered security access such as OTP, fixed pin, Biometrics etc. Remitap enables remittances from across the globe, Remitap can also be used for peer to peer online transfers, most often used online transactions such as mobile recharges, bank transfers, DTH bills, payment of electricity, gas, and water bills conveniently.
Everybody likes simplicity and that is the reason Remitap is an attraction to users.
Remitap is:
  • Reliable
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • User Friendly
Remitap platform will provide all kind of support to the customers to maximize the usage of digital payment solution to monitor and maintain the cash flow. Remitap Customers can utilize the balance in the Remitap platform to send / pay money using modern day Digital payment mechanisms like Instant Payment by scanning a QR code to a merchant, receive money to his Remitap account from any associated network, and can utilize the prepaid plastic card to fully utilize the traditional Infrastructure like POS / ATMs, widely deployed over the country. There are two types of customer; one is consumer or end using customer, and another type is merchant or retail customer. The merchant shall enjoy additional services and can receive instant credit in his wallet deposit cash to Remitap, and also 24x7 Customer Support.
RemiCard is a multi-purpose digital currency card that can be used anywhere.Key features of remicard are, withdraw money from ATM, transfer card to a friend purchase online, Pay a Merchant, Pay Taxi, Pay to anybody etc
User can use remicard for purchasing in stores, for doing utility payments, for gifting friends or family etc
To sign up with Remitap, follow these steps
  • Dowload remitap from App Store/Playstore
  • Enter your Mobile number
  • Type the OTP received in your registered mobile number
  • Enter First name and Last name
  • Enter E-mail ID
  • Create a password(The password must contain minimum 8 character categories among the following;
    Uppercase characters (A-Z);Lowercase characters (a-z);Digits(0-9); Special characters (@#$&! etc -For example John@1234)
  • Proceed to log in
There could be multiple reasons for app not working
  • No proper internet coverage. There are times when there is network fluctuation due to which the app can run slow / crash.
  • You may have the old version of app installed on your device kindly please install the latest version of Remitap from App store / Play store
  • Entering wrong Login credentials.
  • No sufficient RAM to run application.
  • Multiple applications running in the background.
At the moment, we only accept Credit/Debit cards and Paypal payments. Paypal is the easiest way to make payments online. While checking out your order. Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing.
You can either contact 01 5970555or sent an email from your registered mail id to