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Protecting customers is a priority

At Remitap, few things make us angrier than when people use money transfer services for illegal activities to deliberately defraud and harm consumers. These criminals lie to convince you to wire money to them, knowing you won't be able to get your money back. The best way to stop them is to learn how they might try to trick you. Remitap is committed to educating you so you don't become a victim of fraud.

It's our goal to educate you on ways you can safeguard your money and personal information and avoid becoming a victim of consumer fraud. Visit our list of common consumer scams to know what to look for. Keep in mind other scams exist, so it's always safest to use common sense when sending money. The most important tip we can give is, “Do not send money to someone you don’t know.”

Visit the sections of our consumer fraud prevention center for resources, FAQs and other information to protect yourself from fraudsters. If you used Remitap to wire money as a result of a scam, please complete our form to report fraud online, or call Remitap Customer Care Center at +1- 833 - 736 - 4827.

Protecting yourself against consumer fraud

How do you protect yourself from fraudsters who want to steal your money? Learn their tricks. Use common sense. And follow the tips here. It's up to you whether fraudsters win. Remember, every scam can succeed or fail based on whether or not you participate. Tips to protect yourself from wire transfer fraud.


  • Know who you are dealing with, especially if it's about an unsolicited prize or gift offer. Don't trust a message like: "Congratulations, you just won $1,000 in a foreign lottery!"

  • Research an offer to be sure it's real. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Remember wiring money is like sending cash. When you send it, it's gone - you can't get it back


  • Wire money to a relative in crisis without checking out the story first. Ask questions to verify the person's identity.

  • Send money to receive money.

  • Learn more about scams and how to protect yourself and steps to report if you feel you are a victim of fraud.
  • Common scams

  • Fraud FAQ

  • Report Fraud

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