• What is Remitap?

    Remitap is a safe, reliable and premium 360 degree e-remittance and e-payment platform. Our cutting edge technology is designed to ensure transactions with multi layered security access such as OTP, fixed pin, Biometrics etc. Remitap enables remittances from across the globe, Remitap can also be used for peer to peer online transfers, most often used online transactions such as mobile recharges, bank transfers, DTH bills, payment of electricity, gas, and water bills conveniently.

  • What is special about Remitap?

    Everybody likes simplicity and that’s the reason Remitap is an attraction to users. Remitap is Simple, Secure, Reliable and User Friendly. How to create account in Remitap?

    Step 1:Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
    Step 2: After downloading the app, open the app and verify your mobile number
    Step 3: Enter OTP received in your registered mobile number
    Step 4: Enter all the required details (Name, email address and set your 4-digit password and activate your wallet.

  • What are the basic features of Remitap?

    Easy & Fast Self Registration
    Cashless Payment
    Block chain Technology
    Multilanguage & Currency
    Create multiple virtual RemiCards
    Advanced anti-fraud system E-Remittance
    Real time compliance KYC check
    24 / 7 support

  • I have downloaded Remitap but the app is not running on my phone. Why is this happening?

    There could be multiple reasons for app not working
    No proper internet coverage. There are times when there is network fluctuation due to which the app can run slow / crash.
    Older App version, current version will have to be downloaded from Play Store
    Entering wrong Login credentials.
    No sufficient RAM to run application.
    Multiple applications running in the background.

  • Is KYC mandatory? Why I need to do video KYC in my remitap account

    YES. It is a regulatory and also a legal requirement.

  • What is a remicard?

    RemiCard is a multi-purpose digital currency card that can be used anywhere transfer to a friend, pay for online purchases, pay a Merchant, and in other outlets. RemiTap users can instantly create and send money through these virtual cards via any messaging or file/photo sharing applications. RemiCards can be prepared for one's use, or can gift to anyone (for family, friends, debtors, creditors, etc.). Users can also load money in already created remicards. If not used, these cards can be redeemed into the user's RemiTap wallet. Besides, the user can also manage his/her "unused", "used" and "in use" RemiCards, at the ease of a few taps.

  • Can I send money to a non remitap user?

    There are two options for sending money to a non remitap user
    1. Gift a Remicard: Gift a remicard to a non remitap user and share card number via whatsapp, Gmail, skype etc. Receiver can go to a merchant and show this card number for making any purchases
    2. Bank Transfer: User can transfer funds to any bank account provided by a non remitap user from his wallet
    3. Cash Pick up: User can send amount from their wallet to any of the agents registered with remitap in their preferred destination. Any person related to the user can go directly to the cash pick up agents and show proofs required and collects cash in hand

  • How much time does it take for funds to get credited in beneficiary’s remitap account?

    Transaction in Remitap occurs real time

  • Can I send money to anyone with or without a bank account or debit/ credit card, only using a mobile number or email ID?

    Yes, user can transfer to the wallet of another remitap user by simply entering his mobile number